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We are a regional network, community and ministry of men in the Midwest – a Band of Brothers – that are committed to challenge and raise up men to be warriors for Christ… for their families… as single men… in their workplaces… and in their “community” with others in this world. Men need other men to stand strong and lead courageously and reject passivity, to be physically, mentally and spiritually trained to engage this world with the power of Jesus Christ. We seek transformation of the heart and a true commitment to Matthew 22:36-38. We desire to build and disciple men to lead others down that road. Those are Biblical values. Those are our values. Visit our main site at or connect with us on Facebook.


Peak Challenge 2015- July 30- August 3, 2015 near Lake Dillon, Colorado

Peak Challenge is an annual opportunity for men, their sons, fathers, brothers and friends to get away from the everyday routines in life and to experience all that God has for them in a wild setting – the mountains of Colorado. This is not a “retreat” but rather an advance of men who seek to experience God in a way that will resonate deep within their souls. Peak Challenge takes place every July in Colorado and men from around the country are part of the experience. Men are challenged physically while in Colorado hiking 14,000 foot peaks, biking and whitewater rafting. But more importantly, men are challenged spiritually to engage in the battle like never before, as they will see what is at stake.





The mountains are calling and I must go – John Muir

Every summer during my childhood, I spent weeks and weeks on end in the Rocky Mountains camping, hiking, exploring and learning from God through His creation. It was also a time where my Dad instilled biblical manhood in me as we trekked across pristine tundra and steep mountain trails. For a boy and later as a young man, there was no greater classroom.


In 2006, that experience was shared with 15 men from the Omaha area connected with King of Kings Church. Since that time, God has used the Peak Challenge experience to reach more than 1,000 men and their families across 20 states and six nations, impacting their lives forever. 

2015 is our 10th Anniversary. We are humbled and thankful for the legacy that God has imparted to so many men, their families and their communities. Just as there is a draw to the mountains, we too understand that God is calling men and we must go.

Get a visual glimpse of what Peak Challenge is all about                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 







Peak Challenge 2015 will have its “Basecamp” at Windy Point Campground on the Southeastern shores of Lake Dillon, Colorado.


At more than 9,000 feet above sea level, Lake Dillon is a gateway to summer adventure for our men. Close to the towns of Frisco and Breckenridge but also close to wilderness areas, the Lake Dillon region offers a multitude of adventure sports (whitewater rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, jeeping, ATV riding, trailrunning and more) as well as great restaurants, grocery stores and recreation centers.

Lake Dillon is 70 miles west of Denver on Interstate I-70. Your experience at Peak Challenge 2015 will introduce you to some of the most breathtaking and majestic scenery in all of America. As it has for men over the last ten years, the immense scale and beauty of the Rocky Mountains will call out to you and the awe and wonder of God and his creation will resonate in your soul.

Registration is closed.

WOW! We are at full capacity sooner than we ever have been. Get ready to greet 200 of your best new friends at Peak Challenge this summer from places like San Antonio, Texas… Oronoco, Minnesota… Littleton, Colorado and Wichita, Kansas.

July 30-August 3rd, 2015. Our 10th Anniversary is going to be off the charts!


On this page, you fill find all of the details for the experience. Everything from the peaks to be hiked to the recommended gear list will eventually be on this page. Keep checking back for updates!

 Peaks for 2015: The Kansas/Missouri/Texas men will be taking on Grays and Torreys this year for the Sunday hike. The rest of the men will be headed to do Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln and Bross. The optional hike on Saturday will be Mt. Yale.


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Enewsletters – Stay up to date on all things connected with Peak Challenge, from training suggestions, what gear to bring, what excursion activities will be offered and much, much more to get you ready for July. Once you register, you will get the Enewsletter but you can always quickly jump to the archive here to see them all.

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Schedule – Here is the basic schedule for the weekend, subject to change, as well as a suggested GEAR LIST.

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Pre-Peak Devotionals – here is a 4 week devotional set that will get you primed for this year’s Peak Challenge!

Legacy Devo 1

Legacy Devo 2

Legacy Devo 3

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Release and Waiver Form 

Download this and get it back to us before departure on Thursday, July 30th, 2015!


Peak 2015 Release







Excursions – There will be LOTS of things for you to engage in at Peak Challenge. Some of these daily excursions have little or no cost. Others can be expensive. Any cost for these excursions are on your own and are not part of our registration fee. Check them out and ask questions if you need more information.


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bob new2  Band of Brothers Network has guided more than a thousand men over the years on Peak Challenge. We want you, your male friends, sons, brothers, grandfathers and other men in your sphere of influence to experience Peak Challenge. Contact us for more information.

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